One day- old chickens

“Martivo- Rumen Kirchev” Hatchery produces one-day old chickens- broilers, commonly used chickens (cross- breed, country chicken), stock hen and one-day old turkey- poults.
The company has long- standing industrial traditions, established in the market. The broiler chicks possess confirmative origin ‘’ROSS- 308 and COOB 500.’’ The hatchery has an annual capacity of 3 million, as it fulfills all conditions of zoo technical requirements, guarantees the quality of the production. Hatchery “Martivo- Rumen Kirchev” offers services of free, specialized transport of one-day old chickens.

Hatching eggs

The hatching eggs of the company are with confirmative origin of the parental flocks- “ROSS- 308 and COOB 500” for the broiler chickens. The hatching eggs for cross- breed chickens are from well- selected parents after long- time selection, made by our experts.
We have hatching eggs of stock hen and turkeys.
The eggs are free from contagious and epidemic diseases. The egg- shell is unpolluted and without any cracks. The rate of fertilization is not less than 90 percentages.
The hatchability is not less than 80 per cent, in case of suitable transport, discharge, conservation and common technological process in the hatchery.

Consumable eggs

“Martivo- Rumen Kirchev ET” Hatchery is concerned with production and marketing of the consumable eggs.

Sizes Weight(grams)
S under 53
M from 53 to 63
L from 63 to 73
XL over 73